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Teacher training is definitely a challenging issue for Robotics programs. According to the Advancing Education Report, face-to-face workshops, webinars, mentoring by STEM champions, business role models and entrepreneurs are necessary for up-skilling academics. Access to digital platforms is important, significantly in remote locations. There is also need to be adequate investment in hardware, software, network capability and speed, bandwidth, broadband, and technical support. Normally there's an absence of qualified employees, coaching employees and STEM academics to implement these programs.

A STEM education is currently embedded in pre-service teacher training at university, which means new teachers are starting with a range of skills in this area. It is the teachers currently in schools who need support to engage in robotics and coding activities. The Australian state University of Technology (QUT) runs workshops to up-skill teachers in these STEM areas of the program.

Robotics is gaining momentum in many schools worldwide. And whereas it is important to notice note that teachers who administer courses ought to advanced data in programming and different skills, students are reaping vast advantages, not only for this, however conjointly for the predictable Robotics future.


There has been a rise in class groups collaborating in Robotics competitions, like the 1st Lego League and the 1st Robotics Competition (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology). These have a task to play in educating youngsters in an exceedingly fun and fascinating approach with more groups collaborating within the popular events.

Dr. Keane’s thoughts concerning Robotics competition:

Dr. Keane’s is a tournament director for the primary Lego League in Victoria associated mentor for an all ladies team within the 1st Robotics Competition.
“She thinks that these competitions are a superb way to get additional young ladies concerned in STEM activities.”

With advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, driverless cars, and spacecraft taking form each day, not only this generation of students but also the teachers must be additional ready for technological changes than any before.


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