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Summer holidays with MYROBO!

At MYROBO we give our students the opportunity to explore the exciting world of technology and innovation through interactive and creative hands-on experiences. Our school holiday programs give kids a well-deserved break from studies while they engage in a range of fun and educational activities.

This year our summer holiday classes encompass a wide range of fields within the tech industry. You could be learning to program drones, coding Arduino robots, exploring the world of science, or perhaps joining our pop-up engineering team to complete a major robotics project.

Holiday differently these school holidays with our pick & choose model!

We offer programs to students as young as Year 1 all the way to Year 10 and have options for absolute beginners as well as seasoned tech enthusiasts looking for their next challenge. Be sure to check our calendar for the dates of all our exciting activities. We mix it up every week to keep your summer fun!

Explore the different holiday programs:

Drones Boot Camp

Price: $110

Spend a day exploring and investigating the world of drones! The boot camp provides a fun and engaging insight into the flight dynamics and programming of unmanned aerial vehicles. The students will learn the fundamentals of programming in a playful and interactive way using Scratch – the most popular block-based visual coding software. They’ll be creating a range of programs to control their drone for various applications and learn about different real-world drone technologies. The boot camp mixes brain training with school holiday fun as the kids develop their logical thinking, problem solving and math skills while taking part in exciting games and activities

Codey Boot Camp

Price: $110

Learn to build and program an autonomous robot of your own design! The students spend the day learning embedded C programming and how it can be used to control robots of various applications. They’ll learn to utilise sensor outputs to make obstacle avoider-robots, light-follower robots or even control the robot through their laptop. The boot camp will give the students the toolset to write and debug their own code and create their own robotics inventions.

Science Day

Price: $110 

At MYROBO Australia we encourage kids to explore, understand and question the world around them by using the tools of science, engineering, mathematics and technology. Our Science Day allows kids to engage in a range of interactive and creative hands-on activities. The activities will introduce them to a variety of scientific disciplines such as chemistry, environmental science all the way to physics and electricity.

RoboCup Day

Price: $110

RoboCup Day teaches students how to build their own remote controlled robot and use it to complete a range of fun challenges. The workshop focuses on the mechanics of robot-building, introducing students to the physics behind gears, motors, robotic arms and more. The class allows the students to put their robots to the test in a variety of races and obstacle courses, challenging the skill set of their robots as well as their own.

Pop-up Engineering Team 

Price: $320 for 3 days

MYROBO is putting together a pop-up engineering team to complete a 3 day major robotics project these holidays. The students are given a design brief to create a smart-home with a range of robotic appliances. With the help of our instructions they will be following the brief to design and develop the necessary technology to transform a room in our center into a model smart home. The tasks will be based around Embedded C programming for Arduino devices and the students will have a supply of all the necessary electronic and mechanical components as well as access to our 3D printer, allowing them to get creative with their design. Previous coding and robotics experience will come in handy but is definitely not necessary, since students will be taught the required coding skills based on their knowledge and experience. This project is perfect for students passionate about robotics and curious about engineering as a career path, as they get an insight into the engineering design process and put their tech skills and creativity to use.

(Contact us for possible arrangements if it is not possible for you to attend all 3 days of the program.)

Looking to enroll but the dates don’t suit you?

Email us on with your preferred date and workshop and we might be able to add more classes based on interest. 

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