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In 2015, the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) reported that associate calculable forty percent of Australia’s men may be replaced by automation inside the following twenty years. That’s just about 5 million jobs that would get replaced by robots.

The centralized is disbursement $3.5m on the ‘Coding across the Curriculum’ initiative in an exceedingly bid to include coding into existing subjects. Even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has declared that coding is as basic as reading and writing.

An experiment conducted by a professor in the Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering combines the game Angry Birds and a wise pill to teach robot new skills. And no, engineers and computer scientists aren’t programming this automaton however youngsters enjoying the game.

The Government has introduced the National Innovation and Science Agenda to inspire all Australians in digital accomplishment, to embrace innovation associated science from an early age and harness new sources of growth to deliver following the age of economic prosperity in Australia.

The Australian state government has created coding and Robotics mandatory in schools with its Advancing Education Action set up planning to fast-track the National Digital Technologies program by rising teacher preparation in STEM subjects through skill development, mentoring, and access to technology. Engages students in developing their skills in

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Robotics is a futuristic and demandable course were all the Industry in the world going to revolutionize through Robots. We are in the generation where technology has taken us away from the physical world. With new technologies coming into education, MY ROBO TECH PTY LTD is giving hands to flourish the robotics across Australia.


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