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Robotics and coding is an interactive and fascinating approach of introducing STEM into the Curriculum and galvanizing youth to pursue STEM-related subjects and careers. With the increasing focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) in schools across Australia, many academic institutions are implementing Robotics programs for his or her students.

Dr. Christina Chalmers (Queensland University of Technology)

Robotics could be great for teaching STEM subjects and STEM skills are known as essential for developing inventive thinkers and drawback solvers; skills that are required for future jobs and for resolution huge world issues.

The National Digital Technologies program could be a positive step towards serving to youngsters to develop technological skills. It puts digital technology and writing inside the school program and implies that all students have the chance to find out new skills so as to require advantage of future employment opportunities.

There is a shortage of STEM academics normally associated whereas writing and robotics are seen as essential for college students to find out from an early age we'd like academics with the experience and skill to show with robots.

Having access to specialist STEM academics would assist classroom teachers to implement engaging coding and Robotics activities in their classrooms.

Dr. Therese Keane(Swinburne University Department of Education)

Rather than simply having normal science, maths and IT categories, things that interest students in an exceedingly additional cooperative approach, that are innovative and use those talent sets are an extremely great way of attractive youngsters to use what they’re learning into a true life context.

Robotics has verified to be an attractive tool for motivating students to participate in STEM activities and students collaborating in Robotics activities are shown to be additional probably to pursue STEM primarily based university pathways.

Technology is critical for innovation, yet schools struggle to get students interested in this area. But while many organizations both Government and private sectors taking many initiatives to spread knowledge about Robotics. MY ROBO TECH PTY LTD Is one of the best Robotics School in Australia which provides practical education for the young minds to learn and build Robots.


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