We are one of the kind to provide a dedicated classroom style robotics education for students to come, learn and collaborate. Students will be trained on the real circuit boards. The course is more geared towards age 10 and above to upscale their engineering skills. Knowledge learnt will compliment towards your school curriculum. Students will take part in various projects and competitions at the end of becoming a certified roboteer.

This is a futuristic and demandable course were all the Industry in the world going to revolutionize through Robots and AI. First time in Australia we are introducing a practical education to learn and build Robots. We would like to take the time to introduce you to some of the other benefits.

  • Students can access our Markers lab
  • Use our Kits for workshop
  • Qualified Tutors available for Coaching
  • Collaborate and Mix with like minded people
  • Certificate will be awarded on completion of the Project (Innovative Idea)
  • Depend on the Student interest we will include them in our R& D team to work on real time Industrial projects

Australia invested heavily on Robotics and AI to prove their dominance among developed economies, So at MYROBO TECH we have a vision and committed to provide Robotic education to all Australians and we like to see Australia to be a birth place of Innovations.

We are committed to educate the student step by step and will do everything possible to ensure the student stepped out with Robotic knowledge. We also guide and support them on their Innovative Ideas to make it possible. Please do not hesitate to call 1300 007626, or stop by with any questions you may have regarding the course.

Authorized Partner of SP Robotic Works



Welcome to MYROBO Australia. Just like others we had the same passion in STEM education. The generations are rapidly changing, and we are evolving. Kids are absorbing and learning twice the previous generation. Time is a constraint; majority kids attend additional studies after school. Becoming a young engineer passion cannot be harvested but must grow itself. Everything around us becoming automated. Like any others we saw the same movies, Planet Earth, The Martians and wondered how we survive similar adventures. How do they make Robots? How do they understand connecting which wires to what? We decided to show how to make someone roboteers. Train them on how to make a robot. At least make them learn concept of making a robot. MYROBO TECH is an authorised partner of SP Robotic Works are committed to providing you with the tools to advance your knowledge and abilities. We provide training through our custom-built platform.