Robotics, Internet of Things are some of the current and upcoming courses. The courses are designed by industry experts who have provided Robotics, Internet of Things and other technological solutions to several leading companies in the world. Hence the courses are also practical.

The very popular Robotics course is structured in to four levels with respective kits. The levels and kits start with basics of Electronics and progress to programmable walking robots. Electroblocks kit / Foundation helps you to learn electronics, circuitry and more. Ranger Kit / Beginners helps you to learn basic Robotics and you will be creating a Bluetooth controlled wireless robot. Codey Kit / Advanced is for anyone who wants to learn applied coding. You will learn programming using Arduino based robot. Finally, Quadrino kit / Expert is for a four-legged walking robot with which you can learn accelerometer, algorithms and more.

Only Foundation level is AVAILABLE now. Students must go through an assessment at the learning centre to enrol into other courses. Students completing Foundation course will unlock NEXT level automatically.

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  Basic Electronics

  Circuit Building

  Sensors & Motors

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  Mechanical Design

  Gears & Robots

  Engineering Drawing

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  Embedded C

  Logic Building

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  Algorithm Framing

  Complex Sensing

  Problem Solving